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Jul 27, 2009 at 04:01 PM


Scratch-holograms can be made upon plastic CD/DVD cases using a couple of thumbtacks poked through a stick. Or get fancy and use a professional compass and black-painted polycarbonate. Or automate the process with a paperclip stuck into a motorized electric eraser, or a CNC mill with a drag-engraving tool.

Are these genuine holograms? Abrasion holography or "Chatoyant holograms" employ the same physics as white-light or "rainbow" holograms invented by Benton at MIT. Benton holograms reflect light from a point source, and they do not require any interference pattern. This is why a Rainbow Hologram functions the same under any wavelength of illumination. The fringes of Benton holograms can have any spacing: much wider than wavelengths of light. Said another way: if the holograms on your credit cards are genuine holograms, then also "Scratch-holograms" must be genuine holograms


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