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May 06, 2009 at 11:23 AM


Robbers might want to think twice about robbing one shop in South West England. Two robbers carrying with hammers stormed the shop demanding money from the stores owner when Ms Withers stepped into the aid of her boss with a broom in hand. Heres the full story.

The two masked raiders reckoned this convenience store in South West England would be a push-over for a spot of early morning robbery.

They burst in armed with hammers and launched an attack on the store's owner as they demanded cash from the till.

The pair hadn't reckoned on grandmother Ann Withers and her prowess with a handy broom.

Withers, who works at the shop, is caught on security cameras weighing into the would-be robbers who appear unable to handle the sweeping onslaught.

[Ann Withers, Shop Worker]:
"I told them - if they want money go and earn it like everybody else has to do. I was worried about my boss, Gully, because they were attacking him and I thought 'no way are you doing to do this.'"

Withers was shaken but unhurt after giving the raiders the brush-off in no uncertain terms.

Her boss was hit on the hands, knees and thigh in the assault but apparently not seriously hurt - just bristling over the nerve the thugs who struck in broad daylight. 


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