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Mr. Bean Video Collection

This web site consists of the all Mr. Bean video colllection. From all episod of Mr. Bean video clip, I will rank 6 star(it mean really funny) and going down until 4 star ranking. Have a fun..


ImageMr Bean to meets the queen

  • A video of Mr. Bean meeting the queen. It is pretty funny

ImageMr. Bean at the swimming pool

  • A video show Mr Bean have a big problem at the swimming pool.It is funny
 ImageMr.Bean Buy a New TV
  • Mr. Bean try to solve the problem of antena TV. It is so funny
ImageMr.Bean Take Examanation
  • Mr Bean sets an exam for which he doesn't know how to answer a single question. Very funny this video clips.

ImageMr Bean in hospital

  • Mr Bean take a long time waiting to meet a doctor, so he try cheating but finally it make more trouble 
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