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Amazing Video 5 Star 3


AMAZING trick shot

  • Super amazing trick shot on the pool table and dominos. All pool ball go to inside the hole.

Matrix Ping Pong theatre show

  • Matrix Ping Pong show at theatre show, it is funny and amazing show from japanese 

Football look like Shaolin Soccer theatre show

  • This is theatre show look like Shaolin Soccer movie. This show is amazing and funny. Enjoy and have a fun.

Amazing revealed Sai Baba trick

  • Sathya Sai Baba have more than 50 to 100 million followers around the world. The followers believe he have a magic but not magic trick. it is amazing huge followers. Are you believe it his or not. Look at from side camera angle by BBC camera. Look at his mouth, it is clearly not too much open if to compare the big golden lingam. 

Luckiest guy on the planet - Amazing

  • This guy trap from the trailler lorry but amazingly he is alive witout injury.See for yourself it is amazing.

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