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The best of the best Taekwondo Knockouts

  • This video for Taekwondo Fan. This video consist of knockouts collection. Interesting and amazing fight and defeat.
    Taekwondo Knockout martial arts Tae kwon do nocaute K.O headkick kick TKD fight WTF sparring  

Bank Robbery in Downtown Los Angeles!very Easy escape from stupid Police

  • Saw this happen earlier today (9/26/07) in downtown LA. Masked thieves running out to a getaway car, only to be surrounded by cops who run right by them into the bank, allowing thieves to escape! When it was all over a director yelled "reset!" and the scene unfolded again.
    Damn commercial shoots. This is the commercial shoots. Geat idea!!. Some people think this is a real situation.
 Play Piano with the ball
  • This is amazing skill where play piano with the ball. The Piano Juggler wishes you a merry chrismas. It is interesting and fun.
 The Tree Terminator
  • Skynet sent it back in time to turn every tree into a toothpick in less than 15 seconds.The amazing technology.
Is Obama really Osama bin Laden? Amazing analysis
  • Amazing proving using utterly moronic the average American voter truly is, here may be proof that the man they just elected President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, "Osama Bin Laden." The average American voter is so stupid. We dont know the true.

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