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Written by Hot Video   
Jul 14, 2009 at 11:20 PM


This video consist of funny animal video compilation from youtube. The Author say as below,

The Know it All Experts, I know Childeren is Spelled Children I just typed it fast which results in misspelling. Just so you know 'I Don't Care!' I saw it when I put the video on Youtube and didn't feel like changing it so deal with it 'Know it All Experts' ;)
Besides if you look better you will see I also wrote 'Who let let the dogs out' so maybe you arent 'Know it All Experts' after all lmao!! Just enjoy the main thing THE FREAKING ANIMALS DOING WIERD FUNNY THINGS ;)

Peace ppl

PS: For those who don't care Respect ;)

Aint animals funny when they do funny things anyway... Well here is a "compilation" of some funny animals 

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